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Being your first link of a vicious chain with contemporary engagement rings

Engagement rings are generally given by the partner to their prospective spouse on the engagement day. It is generally given by the men to the women as a promise and willingness to marry.

These engagements rings are worn on the ring finger where the wedding ring is also worn. Sometimes after the wedding, only the wedding ring is worn but in some instances, both engagement and wedding ring is retained. It differs from person to person and culture to culture.

Engagement rings in most cases are of diamonds or with some precious gemstones as it is preferred and a status quo for most of the girls. But these days options are many and available at different styles like any other jewelry. In that contemporary engagement rings are always given first preference because of its unique style and design. Contemporary engagement rings give one to express their personality in a glamorous style.

Here are some contemporary engagement rings that come in different styles;

  • Twisted bands with a single diamond stone studded in the center to complement a simpler setting. These are the classic old engagement rings which are still preferred by most of us and are becoming very popular again these days.
  • Eternity rings are yet another contemporary engagement rings design which is completely studded with diamond rings. Ladies who want to show off their rings this would be a perfect choice.
  • Open shank engagement rings are another trending design, which comes with stones engraved covering the upper part of the ring. In open shank rings itself there comes with different designs and are available in gold as well as in silver.
  • Knot rings are another variety of contemporary engagement rings which generally studded with a single stone in the center with a knot pattern on the either side of the stone.