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Why is blogging so important to your business?

Every week we publish a blog for our PMA community to learn what we preach. Blogging is so important to your business. But why?

Let's get back to that and first talk about how to find inspiration for your blog, because I think that's the hard part. Pretty much everyone starts the same way, the first few blogs are awesome, and then you start to wrestle the content, and the posts become more sporadic and then absent. If you really hate writing and blogging is a chore, get the help of someone who loves writing, it's worth it.

What is our blogging strategy? Where do the topics come from? We do the following:

1. Conversations with Clients Provide Inspiration – Your questions (and struggles) are ambiguous and often lead to interesting blogs.

2. We plan our content in advance as part of our overall social media strategy. Our blogs connect to our social media posts, which in turn link to our Facebook live videos. Everything is interconnected and therefore there is some planning. Since we are all involved in the strategy, we are accountable to each other, which motivates us not to abandon the team.

3. We read – much, and what we read is reflected in what we write. Often a group of us read the same book, and these discussions about how we interpret the book for our clients are reflected in our blogs.

4. We take our time – yes, it's usually Sunday afternoon with a big pot of coffee.

5. We create several at the same time. So if we miss a week, we have an archive.

Well, why …

1. Blogs direct traffic to your website. Let's move on to point 2 if you post your blog on your website and then link Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn posts to the blog, then the eyes of those three sources will end up on your website. Add a lead magnet to your website and you are now collecting leads.

2. Blogs help you to connect to your market. Think about it today, I'm blogging about something I like to sit in and tell you, but that's not likely to happen. However, it is important to me to have this conversation with you. It helps me to share my passion with a different voice than what you "hear" on our website. I can tell stories in our blog, exchange relevant information and show you a little bit more about my personality. Also in a small way we connect.

3. SEO – fresh content on your website, helps with SEO. Add this by deliberately selecting the words you select, and the Google search engine will love you.

4. Show yourself as an industry leader – blog about what you know and what makes you unique. Relevant and up-to-date contents, which are industry-specific, contribute to the establishment of your brand.

5. Your blog is a lead generation tool. Let's use Point 1 here to drive traffic to your website, and I'll give you a tip that very few will use, but it will undoubtedly help you collect the valuable email addresses for you work so hard.

I assume that you have created a lead magnet that pops up when you have a visitor to your site. Let's say you're a nutrition trainer, and this lead magnet is a free downloadable worksheet for busy families. For a better budget, it's a fantastic resource! The blog you just posted was written for individual gourmets who have plenty of time to cook but who are looking for elegant and nutritious dishes that are low in fat and flavorful. Your lead magnet pop-up will not appeal to this market, but you will develop a program that caters to the individual gourmets.

Here is a tip. If the blog has brought you to your website, you can access a new link to download with the recipes featured on this blog. Think of it as "Wait, there's more, and I'd like to email it as an exclusive bonus to your visit." And if you really want to enjoy it, divide up this list so that you can get to know the individual gourmets from the busy families.

We love to share content with you! Keep these emails ready with topic suggestions – we're working on them! There is nothing better than knowing that we helped you with your business.

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