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The best ways to monetize your blog

If you have a successful blog with many subscribers looking forward to your high-quality content, or if your blog is frequently shared through social media, making money from your blog is a relatively easy process.

Here are some quick and easy ways to earn money with your existing blog:

# 1: Promotional Partner Products

The contents of your blog may refer you to affiliate products advertised by you. These can be advertised either within the content itself or as a focus of the blog post, e.g. B. as product evaluation or recommendation.

# 2: Click-Per-Action Offers

Click-Per-Action or CPA, when paid by a third party, when visitors to your blog or website perform a specific action, such as: For example, enter your e-mail address. There are many CPA networks where you can find CPA deals that you can post on our blog.

Some CPA networks offer a few cents payouts to every blog reader you click through to offer, while others can pay several dollars per click. The offers may relate directly or unrelated to the content of your blog.

# 3: Brand placement

Promoting a particular brand or product on your blog is known as brand placement. If you have a lot of loyal subscribers, a reputation as an expert in your field, or a very popular, often quoted in the media, many advertisers are paying to be associated with your blog.

Typically, companies turn to the blogs or websites where they want to place their brand or products. Nothing prevents you from turning to companies and promoting their brands within the content of our blog, especially if your blog is already popular.

# 4: Add a mailing list / newsletter registration form

Add a registration form for mailing lists / newsletters to your blog. When signing up, use the subscriber list to promote products and services, or sell the list to other bloggers or Internet marketers.

Every online business wants access to large, targeted email lists. If you have the addresses of people who are interested in your niche, all you need to do is use your autoresponder to conduct an e-mail marketing campaign to promote your own products or services or those of other marketers.

# 5: sell display advertising

If your blog is hosted by yourself, you can sell as much display advertising as you want and keep all profits to yourself. What you can ask for ads depends on the number of subscribers and your reputation as a blogger

Ads can be placed at the top, bottom, or bottom of your blog page. You can charge advertisers for each impression-that is, a fixed amount per 1,000 viewers of your blog-or a fixed price for a full month.

# 6: In-text advertising

Another type of ad that you can sell on a self-hosted blog is in-text advertising. Links are inserted into your text and given a double underline to distinguish it from normal links. When a user hovers the mouse over the link, a pop-up ad will appear that will take viewers to the advertiser's website or offer.

Writing blogs to share your expertise with others is fun and rewarding. But there is no reason why you should not make money at the same time, especially given the hard work and effort invested in creating, promoting and disseminating a quality, informative blog.

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