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The best blog format

The best blog format brings traffic to your website and provides Google with the right information so your blog appears below the search results. Developing good blog content is just part of the challenge. It is equally important to bring your blog post to the people who are looking for. Let's begin.

1] Keyword research is the most important step. Sign out of Google or Bing so that the search results are unbiased and not based on your personal search history. In the search box of Google, enter quotation marks before and after the search term. For example "best blog format". You'll see 23,700 results under the search box. This means that Google has found 23,700 pages online with the phrase "best blog format". This is a great number, as there is not much competition and a post may appear in Google's search results.

Avoid using keywords with more than 30,000 results. 10,000-20,000 is ideal. Example: "How do I start a blog?" Has 346,000 results that are displayed with this keyword phrase, and there is too much competition to be seen. It's best to blog about another keyword phrase.

Longer keyword phrases are best. The more meaningful your keyword phrase is, the more likely you are to target targeted traffic to your blog or website. "Best blog post" is shorter than recommended, but with just 23,700 searches, it pays to write about it, as chances are higher that the blog post will be seen.

2] First, make sure the title of your blog is formatted in H1. This can be found in WordPress in the dropdown box next to the font. WordPress should automatically format the title of your blog post in H1, but you may not want to use WordPress or would like to review it.

3] Make sure the next headline that brings viewers into your post is formatted in H2. Google bots are looking for keywords in H1, H2 and H3 format. Mention the keyword phrases again in a link at the bottom of the blog post, formatted in H3. This link brings the audience back to the beginning of my blog post. Linking up in H3 serves two purposes: a backlink and Google's wanted H3 format.

4] Links to other relevant websites or other blog entries are important. If you can not imagine any backlinks to the entire text of your blog post, you should at least have links to your blog homepage and social media pages in the signature of your blog post. This is where affiliate marketing comes into play. Recommend products that you believe in and that are relevant to your readers. When readers click through and buy, you are paid as a partner.

5] Always optimize photos and pictures. Tag all images you include in your blog entry with keywords and descriptions, as well as links to other pages on your site. The more information Google Bots need to determine the relevance of your website, the better. Images can be found easily online.

6] Google's spiders / bots also search for your keyword or phrase in bold, underlined and italics.

7] The best blog format is about 500 words, with the keyword phrase being mentioned five or six times.

8] Syndicate your blog post and spread the word! Share on social media and everywhere you can imagine.

It's important to use the best blog format if you want to appear in the search results. Keep in mind that your blog posts will exist online as long as your website is active. If you take the time to format it properly, it's worth it for years to come to terms with views.

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